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Pasta Le Conchiglie

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'CONCHIGLIE PASTA RICCA'  The paste of the tradition and the ancient production techniques


Durum wheat semolina, water 


Bronze drawn (old tradition, the better!)

Bacteriological characteristics (for guarantee of the consumer):

The pasta  is produced in accordance with Italian law 580 dated 04/07/67 and subsequent amendments

Nutritional Information - mean values:

Energy value kJ 1509.8 - 325 k cal

For g. 100 of product

G protein. 10.9; g Dietary Fibre. 2.7, Carbohydrate g. 71.7; Fat g. 1.

Drying Product:

18-32 hours at low temperature 34 ° - 40 ° (characteristic to enhance the flavor)


12,50 %

Storage Mode (very important):

It is recommended for the longevity of the product and to savor the fragrance, store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight

Self Life:

Product best before 2 years of age


7-12 minutes, depending on how you prefer


Polypropylene bags for food

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