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An old friend, Mr. PEPPER

peperoncini_calabria.pngFrom the testimony of archaeological seems that as early as 5500 BC was known in Central America, and since then is a continuous succession of surprises beneficial properties of this hot man!
The chili is an annual herbaceous plant, plant, botanically very close to the sweet pepper, from which it differs mainly for the content of capsaicin (substance spicy), The fruit is a berry that can be red, green or yellow and has different size and shape depending on the variety. In Italy he found a number of admirers and farmers, who

the properties they seek to increase engagement and experience culinary and medical properties, especially in Calabria, where local crafts is making known the old Italian traditions around the world.

Famous hottest



Reaches 5/7cm, and is currently the hottest pepper in the world!. Intense taste of fruit Caribbean.


Naga Dorset

Reaches 7cm, one of the hottest peppers in the world, having reached and passed one million Scoville Units (1,045,000).

Extremely hot! Fruity taste and and spicy (handle with gloves ...)


Habanero Red Savine

Rounded and elongated. One of the most spicy and at the same time tasty peppers taste of exotic fruits sweet.

One of the more spicy variety in the world! It is used in sauces, Caribbean and Indian sauces.



Species : Capsicum chinense

The taste is intense but very different from the relative habanero. Its hotness is very high.

It is normally used in small parts in typical sauces.


Scotch Bonnet Red

Species : Capsicum chinense

Very spicy fruity flavor. Used in hot sauces or mixed peperonate (in small pieces).


El Diablo

Specie : Capsicum chinense 

Very hot about 250,000 SCH. Strong taste and fruity! Close relative dell'habanero Red Savine and resembling a Scotch Bonnet.

Used in preparations really spicy. (rare)

Il peperoncino è molto ricco di vitamina E, la cosiddetta vitamina della fecondità e della potenza sessuale. Esso è infatti in grado di stimolare tutte le funzioni vitali del nostro organismo. Il peperoncino, grazie ai suoi principi attivi, al suo sapore, al suo colore e insomma alle sue mille qualità, è senz'altro una delle piante più adatte a stimolare in noi il desiderio sessuale e a metterci in grado di soddisfarlo". Vedi e acquista i Prodotti Piccanti  di Calabria Made in Italy.

The chili is very rich in vitamin E, the so-called vitamin fertility and sexual potency. It is able to stimulate all the vital functions of our body. The chili, thanks to its active ingredients, its flavor, its color and its thousands of words to quality, it is certainly one of the plants most suitable to stimulate sexual desire in us and enable us to satisfy it ".

See and buy Spicy Products of Calabria Made in Italy.




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Prodotti Biologici


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