Holidays in Italy: eating and drinking is the real added value

pacco paradiso dei golosiNews from Italy - Summer: 87% for vacationing Italians local menu at km 0
Some 87 per cent of Italians on holiday in the summer of 2013 looking for a menu when eating out 'local zero kilometers and of these as much as 29 per cent are willing to pay more'. And 'Coldiretti based on data Ipr marketing in pointing out that it is a favored choice by the crisis that drives to optimize the price / quality ratio.


The percentage is in fact growing since last summer when - Coldiretti - were still 82 percent Italians in search of local menus to taste authentic flavors of the area you are visiting and do not have to suffer long periods of transport that are increase costs and affect its freshness. Overall, between the consumption of meals in restaurants (13.9 billion) and the purchase of food in the shops and markets (10.1 billion), the Italian and foreign tourists in 2012 they spent on food and drink - Coldiretti - about € 24 billion out of a total of 72.2 billion total tourism revenue. Most of the economic and employment opportunities for tourism in Italy in the summer of 2013 thus depends on choices made by tourists at the table that affect the financial statements of restaurants, farms, markets, pizzerias, shops, bars and ice cream parlors. The eating and drinking is also, however, the real added value of the holidays Made in Italy. Among all the elements of the holiday, from housing to transportation, from entertainment services with a cultural experience, the quality of food in Italy - Coldiretti - is the one that gets the highest approval rating among tourists. If the crisis reduces the departures and forced him to cut the duration and budget of a family holiday to make ends meet, 33 per cent of Italians waiver of entertainment (cinemas, playgrounds, discos) and 25 percent to the level of 'accommodation (fewer stars and more' pensions hotels) but only 11 per cent limit purchases of local products, according to the processing of data Coldiretti Ipr marketing. It 's probably the secret of success in Italy of farmhouses where - detects Coldiretti - plan to travel as much as 9 percent of Italians on holiday in the summer of 2013. Among the elements that guarantee a quality farm stands in fact - Coldiretti - the use of its products and / or local indicated by 69 percent of the guests while among those that discourage, for as much as 31 percent, there is the use of frozen foods, conventional or industrial. So it is no coincidence that among the favorite activities of the Italians during the stay on a farm will be consolidated - Coldiretti - those connected to power with 10 percent indicating that the eating among the favorite activities, 9 percent learning to cook typical foods and 3 percent even that takes their time to learn how to grow. Today - Coldiretti - there are lots of ways to choose the perfect rental, ranging from research on the Internet on sites like word of mouth but lately it seems to be favored by the new App TERRANOSTRA free download that provide all the information on 'farm chosen.


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