The typical food products are the souvenirs of the summer 2013

crema-di-zucca-al-tartufo-bianco-pate-de-calabaza-y-trufa-b2With around 8.3 million Italians who buy food typical holiday as a souvenir, the operation of the Nac (anti-fraud police Nuclei) is important to combat fraud and deception at the table with the arrival of summer are increasing along the peninsula. As is stated in a note Coldiretti commenting on the operation of the Carabinieri Command agricultural and food policies, which have performed extraordinary controls on traceability 'and labeling of food products throughout the national territory. The economic difficulties which force many to save on holiday - says Coldiretti citing a survey of IPR marketing - to go even useful expenses, with food and wine that has become an essential part of the holiday made in Italy. In other words, if you save the time to spend on vacation, maybe shortening the stay in the vacation spot and also on the quality of housing, preferring more modest accommodations, but - says Coldiretti - do not give up taste and buy as a souvenir of the specialty of the resort. Italy is the only country in the world - said the association - to be able to count on a wealth of 4,698 traditional food all exclusively produced according to traditional rules protracted for at least 25 years old and made with methods practiced on the whole territory evenly. To these are added 252 and 331 PDO and PGI wines with denomination of origin (DOC), 59 with denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin (DOCG) and 118 in IGT (IGT). The ability to guarantee secure shopping is favored today - concludes Coldiretti - even by the multiplication of markets, shops and farm shops farmers "Campagna Amica", who can count on 7,978 points of sale in Italy where you can buy the food and agricultural products of the area at zero kilometers.


Source:ASCA (Roma, 16 lug)

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