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The e-Business Digital Business thanks to a partnership with Bluemarlin Sporting Resort gives you a stay for two people in Kenya at the fantastic Sporting Resort in Malindi.
Will be entitled to such offer Who make a minimum purchase of 500 € on the portal dedicated to Made in Italy within December 24, 2012,. Once purchased you will be contacted via eMail or Telephone number reported during the checkout process to activate the promotion.
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 The "BLUE MARLIN" RESORT is one of the oldest area of Malindi accommodation built in 1913 to meet the rising need for exploration that were developing in the early years of the century and saw a mad rush to the exploration and knowledge of the flora and fauna of this part of Africa facilitated by 'approach to such land given by the Suez Canal and given the hostile territory as a starting point for shipments within.

To this end, they decided in 1913 to create a structure and organization that could accommodate the explorers who were preparing to form teams for shipments in inland areas.

Over time, the World Bank became increasingly hub and logistics center and then a meeting of different cultures and peoples, many people who love 'or curious exploration of new territories would stop the "BL" for the sheer pleasure of being able to find a place where friends come in contact with the tribes (the KIRIAMA was the most numerous) without any particular danger.

Among those who are included in the attendance book stands out Ernest Hemingway began to attend closely to Kenya and more specifically the "BM" in the early reporting on more than 50 written his stay at the "BM" how can we forget that Marilyn Monroe upset the tranquility of this corner of paradise, and so on actors scientists statesmen, landed at the "BM" out of curiosity or need a spirit of adventure.

The source of much curiosity there comes the story of a visitor came in from FIELD Jeep with his family in 1953 was so impressed by the multitude of important people present in this facility that is finished as soon as the restructuring last year he wanted to buy a home is to remember that trip to hear that even the magical atmosphere of the time.

Today the "BM" remained at the center of Malindi and still functions as the organizational structure and receptive to the move with the times, has transformed the old concept of accommodation in hotel rooms in the accommodation consists of apartments, and he did not at speculative purposes, but only because a study on a sample of tourists, it has come to the conclusion that only by recreating a family environment in the vacation period triggers the well-known virus "mal d'Afrique".

The restructuring has reduced in the initial space dedicated to the park that stretches to the sea, typical local park with trees (acacia trees flamjfjfj. Etc. etc.), did not reduce the access of wildlife (birds, insects, lizards, etc.) with its colorful colors, but put in that context you need to spend some time relaxing, a gym of 1000 square meters fully equipped with machinery teknogym, positioned at the center of two magnificent swimming facilities, has set among palm trees and the trees Acacia is a tennis court, sand islands created by placing a beach volleyball court and a beach soccer Certainly the most interesting thing is the care and research which was carried out the renovation and furnishing of housing units; trying to experience the sensations they felt the first guests, walking barefoot on a floor "Niru" or "Taras blank or sleep in a canopy bed in the living room or sit in on a" Pili Pili " .

The skepticism that have the presone on 'Africa, want tourists or business people want more, on security,' the hygiene prophylaxis on food, fell in the "BM" The direction of the "BM" took care of the placement so manic 24-hour day "Ascari" (person security staff) in all the crucial points of the complex, to reassure guests of the hotel and also has organized all staff with an organizational pyramid that each employee knows his job and every job has its responsible, at any time of day the reception staff is ready to help and resolve any issues you encounter. At any time of day employees are used to clean or sanitize sanitizing ready to intervene, any time of day of the gym instructors are ready to advise or correct any personal financial trauma, at any time of day in the local beauty center you can make 12 different types of massage are all made by people graduates, at any time of day you can taste 70 different kinds of cocktails! She also "Dulcisinfundo" as you think you can eat at the "BM" I do not want to say because you'll never believe that African chef make noodles as did our grandmothers with a rolling pin! Thin noodles with lobster! Ravioli with cuttlefish and beans! And what about other dishes' s lobster stew! Carpaccio of tuna! Thread rocket and mushrooms! All supervised by responsible strictly Italian food.

the additional service you may receive the "BM" service "TAKEINHOME" to order the menu and is served by waiters in the house!

Why not be the "BM" Why not buy a house at the "BM" think with an organization like that your property is abandoned? 70% of the owners of the apartments will entrust the management to generate income because the characteristics of organization and the location we have a great demand for rental and it is enough to agree to activate the "vacation pay" and when finished the holidays "BM "The staff puts in a store all your personal items, knick-knacks and things dear to you, preparing the house to be made with income lag of the hotel and then your privacy is not affected and as the second set, receive the proceeds 20% deducted directly from your bank account without having to know the laws or other rules loopholes that exist in Kenya. This is the 'BLUE MARLIN "

We just have to wish you a good stay to the winners and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

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