Food Preservation


Conservation craft and industrial food Italian. Food preservation is one of the fundamental processes of food processing and seeks as its primary purpose to preserve over time the edibility and nutritional value of a product, preventing accidental changes.

As a fundamental process, aims to preserve the intrinsic properties of the food that is suitable for deferred over time. In this context, conservation is a technology used to make available the food as it is in a period of time ranging from a few days to a few years. As a side process, the conservation is aimed at the purpose of preserving the technological properties of the product intended for processing.

The main effort is directed to stop or at least slow down the deterioration of substances, and thus to prevent the phenomena of food poisoning. Most of the food is subject to influences that affect the value of merchandise, acting at different levels and with different combinations.

The conservation tends mainly both to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, molds and other microorganisms that, inside the food, they tend to produce waste substances toxic to humans, that in delaying lipid oxidation, responsible for the phenomenon rancidity.

Some preservation methods provide for the sealing of the products in appropriate containers under vacuum immediately after the treatment, to prevent recontamination; others, such as drying, allow the normal packaging without the need to resort to particular precautions and ensure the preservation of foods for long periods.

There are frequent cases in which integration between conservation and physical transformation is at a level such as to render the two techniques inseparable even under the conceptual aspect: the conservation has an impact such as to constitute at the same time as a real technique physical transformation.

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