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Are You a curious person and open to new dynamic?

Have you a large number of contacts / friends on social networks or you may want to be involved in some way?

Do you want to earn online investing zero euro and a short time?

The "E-Movement Engine" gives you the opportunity to do so!

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Philosophy of WebSite

Why The eMovement Portal?

Globalization has brought to a depersonalization  in the industry and commerce, in the everyday life and within ourselves.

People tend to think that an orange grown in Italy must have the same price of one cultivated somewhere else; that a wine producted in Tuscany must have the same price of one producted elsewhere .

Globalization has spread the virus that leads us to believe that an “original” must have the same price of a fake!

Globalization is cancelling human contact, history and life Italy is the most affected country in the world by this virus!

Laws to protect consumers and controls on the sourcing of raw materials are welcomed; however inspiration, tradition and history survive from one generation to another; do not live in social networks and can not be purchased in a supermarket!

Before, during and after the II World War we learned from our parents the “art of survival” and this is the PLUS that no one can get on line.

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