The world of truffles

huge-italian-truffleThe earliest records appear on the nose since the time of the Roman Pliny the Elder in the first century AD, and even before the poet Juvenal said that the origin of the precious fungus, is due to a thunderbolt hurled by Jupiter near an oak tree (tree considered sacred to the father of the gods). As Jupiter was also famous for his prodigious sexual activity, truffle has always been attributed aphrodisiac qualities. 

The truffles are relatively rare, since their growth is dependent on seasonal factors as well as environmental. In some years of particularly scarce come to cost very high figures (for the finest white, sometimes they came to € 4,500 per kilo).

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Food Preservation


Conservation craft and industrial food Italian. Food preservation is one of the fundamental processes of food processing and seeks as its primary purpose to preserve over time the edibility and nutritional value of a product, preventing accidental changes.

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